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In order to make real use of IP CCTV systems, Saten establish strong relationship with Digifort Platform, so our clients will get CCTV solutions for any enterprise, from small projects to management of cities surveillance systems.

Established in 2002, Digifort is a software for “IP Surveillance” and digital image storage. Known as VMS, Video Management Software, the product carries advanced resources, equipment and technological solutions for the segments of digital intelligence, corporate surveillance and urban security.

Digifort VMS is an easy to use industry leading Open Platform Video Management Software for SMB to high-end Enterprises. Making use of the most advanced concepts of digital intelligence in the area of surveillance and physical security, the Digifort System embarks upon a new age in the active and passive surveillance of security cameras, integrating solutions and offering the most modern technologies that are available today. 

With large numbers of connected devices coming together, there is so much data being generated and will continue to grow. Ultimately we need to make sense of the data.
Bringing together technology and intelligence, Digifort will provide a solution that is a value-add to our customers who are the ones using it every day. We guarantee it.