Key features : / Support Real Time Human Body Detection . / Using Linux operating system, better system stability. / Face recognition algorithm to accurately recognize faces, face recogni tion time is less than 1s. / From -35 ° C to + 60 ° C environment for long-term stable operation. / Support free switching 1:N/1:1 (IC card, QR code, ID card) recognition mode 1: N with 0.8s comparison efficiency. / Outdoor IP65 waterproof and dust proof. / Mean time between failures MTBF>50000 H. / Support for AD file playback. / Support PIR human body sensing wake-up function. / Support TF card storage, pictures are stored continuously for 1 year, video is stored continuously for 7 days. / Support 65000+ face matching library and 500,000 face recognition records. / Rich interface protocol, support SDK and HTTP protocol under various platforms such as Windows/Linux. / Support tracking of personnel movements under strong backlight conditions. / The host supports an external ID card reader (For Chinese ID card). / The host supports the Wiegand interface to connect with the personnel gate and the access control host, and acts as a face recognition reader.
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